Home of Celebrity Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

On this post, i would like to feature one of the well-known celebrities in Hollywood. We know her as of course, Miss Congeniality which she made big in the cinemas along with numerous successful movies, distinctions and awards. With this much revenue at hand, it wouldn't be very hard to imagine how she is cozing and rewarding herself for her hard work.

Today, im going to feature her real estate in Tybee Island, a place which was literally unknown until she decided to reside there a couple of years back. Its not the biggest of mansions and celebrity real estate but this one is a modest beauty located on the northernmost part of the island. She spent well over a million dollars for this three-storey property and throw in the empty lots beside her house which she bought for her privacy. We see how the celebrities give importance to their privacy.

Well, i think its enough for my introduction. Let me present to you her Tybee Island Home of Celebrity Sandra Bullock.


sissicancino said...

Do you by any chance know the brand of the mini baby sofa that appears in the most recent number of peoples magazine, where Sandra Bullock presents his adopted baby boy?

arrielle p said...

I love Sandra Bullock specially her movie "The proposal" I watch it 3 times. Great home she have.

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