The Celebrity Real Estate of George Clooney

For today's post, im going to go for the 'humble' home of ER star, George Clooney. From Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills Estate, we now go to a thousand miles away, to Lake Como Italy where this luxurious home is located.

Journalists and tourists swarmed to the small Italian town of Laglio last week after rumors circulated that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would wed at pal George Clooney’s lakeside estate. The brainy actor/producer/director/writer bought the 25-room villa, known as Villa Oleandra, in 2001. It’s said to have an outdoor theater, a large swimming pool and a garage for Clooney’s motorcycles. source: Forbes

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House Of Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt

For my very first post, im going to start off with the FRIENDS' star Jennifer Aniston. She has been one of the loveliest faces in hollywood. Dont you think so? Her marriage with Brad Pitt is a rather ephemeral one. It didnt last as long so you know what would happen to multi-million dollar houses when it is left with divorce. They hit the market on a sky-rocketing price!

Aniston and Pitt bought this Wallace Neff-designed estate in 2001, putting a pile of money into renovations. After they split, it was put on the market for $28 million, then reduced to just under $25 million. Now it’s reportedly in escrow for about $22.5 million. The buyer does get a lot for that price--10,000 square feet of space, black hardwood floors in the living room, a professional 35 mm projection room, a tennis court and an outdoor fireplace near the pool and spa. Source: Forbes

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