THG Week in Review: July 17-23, 2010

July 24th, 2010 7:32 AM by Free Britney Tags: Week in Review

Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review.

Below, we take a look back on the last seven wild days in celebrity news. Visit our site daily and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for 24/7/365 updates.

Some of the top stories we covered this past week ...

Mel Gibson tapes and text messages continue to leak online, and accusations against him keep piling up. Oksana Grigorieva says he attacked her, their daughter, and her son. He denies this and says she's guilty of extortion. Lindsay Lohan finally met a person who wouldn't enable her or accept her BS excuses iin Judge Marsha Revel. The actress was thrown in jail for violating probation. Despite cohabitating with killers, she's handling it well. Meanwhile, Linds' idiot dad Michael is accused of beating and threatening to kill Kate Major, his fiancee of several months. We suspect the engagement's off. Kristina Hagan became the latest woman involved in a sex scandal with David Boreanaz. That guy will be nearing Tiger Woods/Jesse James territory soon. Speaking of sexual harassment allegations, two new accusers say that Al Gore made unwanted advances during massages he paid for. Dude has a type?


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